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How Birth Injury Lawyers Can Bring Justice to a Family Tragedy

Posted on February 9th, 2011

The need for birth injury lawyers is something few parents ever consider when planning for the birth of a new baby. Sadly, statistics show that as many as 28,000 newborns are injured during birth each year. Some of these injuries may be mild, but others can cause a lifetime of health concerns.

The majority of birth injuries are preventable, with very few being genetic or naturally occurring. When a mother places her care in her physician, she expects to be cared for properly and have her baby delivered safely into the world. Simple problems during pregnancy, such as urinary tract infections, can cause catastrophic results if not diagnosed and treated properly. Problems during pregnancy and delivery that deprive an infant of vital oxygen can cause cerebral palsy or brain damage that can change the happy future the new parents had planned for their child.

Taking Action

If you think that your child suffered from a birth injury, it’s not too late to seek the help of Baltimore medical malpractice attorneys. Many parents think birth injuries must be reported immediately, but this is not generally the case. A Baltimore birth injury attorney can explain the statute of limitations to you, which in some states may be as long as 21 years. Caring for a disabled child is expensive, and you should not bear the burden of those expenses alone. Seeking the help of the experienced birth injury lawyers of Snyder & Snyder can help your child enjoy life to the fullest extent possible by providing financial relief from costly medical bills, therapy, education and equipment costs.