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How Maryland Trial Lawyers Prepare Evidence for a Trial

Posted on April 11th, 2011

Maryland trial lawyers have to dedicate time and investigation to prepare evidence for a trial. Trial lawyers have a very important job, especially the ones representing the plaintiff (the party that is suing the defendant). The plaintiff’s lawyer has the burden of proof, meaning they must provide evidence to prove that the defendant has done what they are being accused of. There are different types of evidence: direct evidence and circumstantial evidence. Direct evidence usually consists of witness testimony while circumstantial evidence is generally indirect proof of circumstances that corroborate certain facts.

Preparing Witness Lists

Baltimore trial lawyers have to decide who they are going to call as witnesses during trial. Before they decide who to call as a witness, they have to investigate the matter surrounding the case, so they can call upon relevant and credible witnesses. Once the trial lawyer has their witness list, they must then prepare their witnesses for trial and what to expect during cross-examination from the opposing counsel. Lawyers prepare their witnesses for trial, so the witness knows how the process works and can stay focused on their testimony and not be misguided by opposing counsel. Within the time frame set forth by the court, a witness list must also be submitted and witnesses may have to be subpoenaed to appear in court. Trial lawyers must also prepare other evidence, such as documents, recordings, video tapes, etc. Once they decide what to submit as evidence, they will then have to prepare an evidence list to provide the court and opposing counsel, just as with the witnesses. The Maryland trial lawyers of Snyder & Snyder are knowledgeable and experienced in preparing for trial. Contact us today to discuss your case and how we can help you.