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Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Baltimore Discuss Birth Injuries

Posted on April 11th, 2012

Even though many advances in childbirth methods and medical science in general have diminished many of the complications of the birthing process, they have not completely eliminated all the risks of bringing a new life into the world.

Approximately 6 of every 1000 childbirths will result in a birth injury. Some of them are minor scratches and bruises. Some of them are relatively moderate, such as a broken bone. Some of them are utterly devastating, and may require surgery or may be permanently disabling. Sadly, some of these complications could have been prevented, and are a result of negligence or mistakes.

Medical mistakes and negligence happen more frequently than many medical professionals would like to admit, and certainly more than most people want to know. Perhaps it is a matter of luck, but many deliveries are successful and the mother and child are healthy afterward despite errors and negligence. It does not always work out this way, though.

Unfortunately, most people would have no idea that a mistake happened, and even if they did, it can be difficult to uncover who was ultimately responsible. It takes several medical professionals working competently and in cooperation to ensure a successful delivery. From the nurses to the anesthesiologist to the doctor, or even the hospital itself, an error can happen at any point and be disastrous in its result. You will need experts in uncovering who is to blame and bringing them to justice.

Once in court, the burden of proof is difficult. The defendant will have at its disposal. Numerous experts and witnesses ready to protect and defend him or her. They will also have a team of top lawyers on their side, ready to tear apart every scrap of proof you have. To balance the scales of justice, you will need the experienced medical malpractice attorneys in Baltimore at Snyder and Snyder at your service who have the knowledge, reputation, and resources to bring your case successfully to conclusion. Call now for a free consultation.