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What Should I Do If I Think I Have a Case

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Should you believe that you or someone you love was the victim of medical malpractice, wrongful death or catastrophic injury — you may have a medical malpractice case. If you feel you may need representation, call us for an initial consultation at no cost.

In order to determine the merit of a given case, our Maryland trial lawyers may need to obtain and examine copies of the alleged victim’s medical records.

By examining the contents of the records — in addition to considering what may not be found within the records – our lawyers can determine the validity of a medical malpractice case. During this process, our office utilizes a multistep process to thoroughly investigate every prospective case presented to us. First, one of our medical malpractice attorneys will meet face-to-face with the client to glean a detailed history. We then obtain the client’s medical records, which are examined and reviewed by our firm’s in-house nurse consultant. An experienced medical malpractice attorney will also review the medical records before it can be determined if the case may have merit. If it is found that a case exists, the records are then sent to medical experts who then assess whether they are willing to testify that a medial worker acted negligently, leading to serious injury of the patient.

If it is determined by our firm’s internal analysis, and through the examination process carried out by our medical experts, that a meritorious case exists, we will pursue your case for you with the long-haul in mind. We will do whatever it takes to reach a conclusion — be it a pre-suit settlement or a verdict in court. Should the case need to be filed in court, Snyder & Snyder will handle every facet of the litigation for you, because we do not want our clients to spend excessive time or emotional energy on the case.

Most health care providers carry a minimum of $1 Million in liability insurance. When medical malpractice cases are filed, the medical professional’s insurance company will proceed to hire a lawyer to represent the doctor, nurse or hospital staff. Between the point at which the case was filed, and the actual date of the trial (typically one year), our Maryland trial lawyers and our client’s (the defendant) health care provider’s attorney rigorously prepare for the trial at hand in what has been deemed the “discovery” process. During this phase, both sides will ascertain the opposing side’s case. This involves gathering information on the identity of the witnesses, the likely content of their testimony, etc. This process involves thorough questioning that requires honest, factual answers under oath (also referred to as interrogatories), requesting to obtain documents (medical records or bills), and depositions (interviews under oath).

Our team of lawyers is highly experienced at discerning the valid medical malpractice lawsuits. Our experience and reputation that we’ve garnered in dealing with insurance companies often leads to settlements prior to trial; however, despite this fact, we still thoroughly prepare for each and every case presuming that it will go to trial.

Our highly extensive review and litigation process that each case requires can be time-consuming and expensive. The Maryland trial lawyers of The Snyder Litigation Team understand that many of our clients have suffered serious injuries and may not have the financial means to pay us to review or pursue a case. For this reason, Snyder & Snyder always works on a contingency fee basis. Our clients do not pay us unless we obtain compensation; thus, there is absolutely no financial risk to our clients.

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